Sunday, April 4, 2010

Without Pain

Well, it's Easter. Chocolate bunnies and eggs, marshmallow peeps, my favorite meal of the year and hanging out with the family. All of this is wonderful aside from the small food nap I was forced into. The day was great, but there was nothing that really stood out from the day except for my time at the gym.

It's been almost 2 years since I've really been at my peak with running. Running is my main source of stress-therapy, weight control, and keeping ADHD under wraps. For three years, running was exactly what I needed. After my knee pain started, everything else in life started to teeter and not having the ability to run, seemed to contribute to my frustration.

Easter meant a lot more to me this year than ever before. After learning last year just what pain God has saved me from, God's sacrifice for us has a little bit more weight. Today understanding what God gave up in order to show me grace was exactly what I needed to push a little bit further with running. If God has saved me from emotional pain, wouldn't he have also saved me from physical pain as well?

After 2 years, I finally made it to running over 30 minutes today! I have no knee pain, no pain in my legs and I only wanted to throw up a little bit ;) (Darn you Easter dinner!!)

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