Friday, June 11, 2010

Customer Service

I've finally come up with the most accurate definition for what it means to have excellent customer service all of the time...

Being able to pretend that people don't annoy you when they're actually bugging the crap out of you.

Yes, today I am a cynic. Days like today are the ones where it seems as though all the world's people decided to all annoy the same person. Obsessive calls, obtrusive visits, and the "it's all about me" bridal complex plagued the Villa Parker. And because I was alone at the Villa this past week, it all fell on my shoulders.

Most days I love my job. I have an amazing view, great bosses, a great assistant, the worlds greatest preferred partner association and the best opportunity to grow in photography. I love my clients and take a point of pride that I know more about my clients than the typical director of sales at wedding venues.

But just because I shouldn't complain, doesn't mean I can't! I'm so glad there's a wedding tomorrow to remind me why I love my job!

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