Sunday, November 15, 2009


I've applied everywhere.

Out of ~250 applications, I've gotten 3 interviews.

Out of 3 interviews, I've gotten three jobs. One with a bogus "marketing" company in August, one with Red Robin, two days after getting hired at Villa Parker.

It's kinda weird being unemployed for that long. I wasn't losing faith in God, but I was somewhat losing faith in myself. I've always been an excellent interviewer. It's some weird gift that I don't get nervous or freaked out during them. In my life, I've applied for a lot of jobs and if I got an interview I 98% of the time, got the job. The only place not to hire me is Starbucks.

So applying all over the place and not getting hired, I was getting pretty frustrated. Even after Red Robin. I applied for a job that I sort of felt was beneath me but was do-able. They said they'd call by Friday and if I didn't hear from them, it meant they had gone with someone else. Well thank goodness they didn't call on time! My third day on the job at Villa Parker, Red Robin called to offer me a job.

My faith in myself has been restored. And after a knee doctor appointment with an MRI on the way (pending my insurance), working a fantastic job and being just days away from getting my final score on the GRE, life seems just a little bit better than 3 weeks ago. Still snowy, but better.

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  1. Im so glad life is lookin up Mols! you have all the reason to have faith in yourself :)