Friday, December 4, 2009

One step at a time...

Well, I've got a job. A fantastic one at that! God has blessed me with understanding and amazing supervisors. A job that uses my talents, is challenging and I'm excited to go to daily. One step is out of the way and we're on to tackling the knee situation.

I must say I unloaded on my physical therapist a bit during our first appointment. I think those around me would agree in that I feel stuck. I want to work out more than I think I could explain. Working long hours is best assuaged by running every frustration and any left over energy out subdues my ADHD into submission quite nicely.

He's a nice man, however, I could manage without his affinity for slapping my butt. While I inherently feel a sense of trust with this man, I think it's a little early for "good game"-ing. He does know that I'm at my last wits with my knee pain. My family can attest to my frustration with the knee surgeon that didn't think my two years of knee pain, even post physical therapy, deserved surgery. I know it's not a quick fix, but at least then we'd know for sure what was wrong and would be on a path to fixing it.

I sit here writing this with a sore bum from the PT exercises. Apparently my knee pain stems from a weak butt and hips. Add on that my knee is in the wrong spot because one quad muscle won't activate and we seem to know what the problem is.

Job: check.
Knee: in process
Next up? A social life.

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  1. Girl Its so great to see how God is providing for you step by step. This is so neat to realize all we have to manage are the steps, not the big picture. Love you miss you