Friday, December 18, 2009

A random assortment of things

I get to walk in graduation! It really doesn't feel like I finished school. It was sort of just like I stopped going to classes. Which wasn't too far from when I was actually in school, but let's not go there. I feel a little sheepish because I already made my grand exit with my friends, but again, without the ceremony and the cap and gown, it just still doesn't feel right.

Speaking of other things that don't feel right, I'm done with Dr. McDonough. Or as I'm referring to him as, Dr. McDunno. I sat in his office in pain and I got "Well there's nothing wrong with you." as I sat there with pain. However, an hour and a half after the appointment and some quality time with wikipedia, I think I've figured out what is wrong. I should be a doctor ;) He referred me to a doctor who might actually give a s**t about me and might actually do something.

Finished school: Check
Job: Check
Church: Check
Future Bible Study: Check
Knee: On our way
A Man: Well... let's not get carried away!

On a side note, I'm SUPER stoked about Christmas! This is the first time in my life that I've had a big-girl paycheck and I am finally able to pay for the presents I want to get people without going into debt.

Life is good.

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