Wednesday, September 9, 2009

My Day with Dunder Mifflin

So yesterday was my "all day interview" with The Marketing Group. Let's make two notes about this last sentence: 1. I put all day interview in quotes because it wasn't much of an interview; more like a hostage situation. 2. The Marketing Group uses the word marketing quite loosely.

I was met by Mr. David Wilson who told me to come with him. He then whisked me away in his falling-apart Saab and we were off to Denver to meet some managers about their paper supply. At this point it was 9:10am and already thoughts of Dunder Mifflin had entered my mind and wondered which quirky salesperson I was going to spend my day with. It turns out, even a day with Dwight K. Schrute would have been more interesting than Mr. David Wilson.

He quickly changed his mind and decided we would go to Colorado Springs first and instructs me to take out something to write on because he will be quizzing me through out the day. I slightly panicked only because I'd be stuck in a car with a strange man for a little over an hour and thoughts of being abandoned in Colorado Springs and being forced to walk back to Denver in order to lose weight so the entire office could get five additional vacation days had begun to enter my mind. (Yes, more Office references.)

After a day in Colorado Springs (not just the morning like David kept assuring me it would be) we came back to Denver in a very silent car. "Why," you ask? Well, during our afternoon, we had been, in David's words, "Introducing ourselves" to local office managers in large buildings. However one receptionist believed we were in fact soliciting (which he was) and David gave her a little back talk. She threatened to call security if we didn't leave. I believe I even saw her pick up the phone when she saw us go "introduce ourselves" to the office next to them.

So after a horrible day, I was then asked to fill out another stupid survey before my last stupid interview. (Seriously. I don't think these people understand what happens in real interviews.) This is where Josh was going to interview me. Let me paint you a picture of Josh- think of that guy in the fraternity who's overweight, outdrinks every body and is most likely to kick a puppy and high five everyone after he does it. He spends some time bragging about himself (which his list of accomplishments isn't even comparable to the list of things I had completed in the day prior... yay laundry) and then asks me what my weaknesses are. I gave him some good ones that I thought would deter him from actually hiring me and at the time thought they worked.

The frat king sent me on my way and I spent the entire walk to the car quietly cursing how I had spent my day. I came home to a delicious sunshine wheat and amazing dinner from my mom (what a blessed woman she is and the only highlight to a horribe day!) At seven o'clock I got a call offering me a position with them and tipsy/slightly drunk Molly said she needed time to think about it, realizing that would be a phone conversation for calm and collected (and sober) Molly.

This day helped me realize some good things about what I want to do so it wasn't a 100% loss, but this blog is already quite lengthy and we'll leave those revelations for another day.

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