Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Something worth doing

Everyday, I go to careerbuilder.com and try to find some job to devote my time to. I've even tried applying to a cosmetology school and Rocky Mountain College of Art and Design. After receiving a small scholarship before I was even accepted to RMCAD, I have to admit one nagging thought:

How does any of this glorify God and the gifts he has given me?

Yeah, I could go back to school and be a licensed Interior Designer, I could work in event planning, and I could be someone's assistant (actually, I can't- turns out I'm over and under qualified at the same time.) but how is me working for a Fortune 500 company going to help me live a life that is worthy of Jesus dying for it?

Other people I get- I am happy to say that I find more inspiration to praise God after listening to my friend, Fletcher's music or looking at his art, I see friends that are using the workplace to show God's profound impact on their lives, and I even have friends enduring slight misery with the program Teach for America.

So in case I didn't have enough standards for my future, I've added another one that MUST be met: It must be worth doing.


  1. A commander of an army heard news from one of his soldiers that a section of his army was wounded and needed attention. He was willing, but unable to go himself, so he sent one of his sergeants out to deliver aid to his wounded soldiers. On his way, he tripped on a rock and dropped his first aid kit. The first aid kit was intact with a couple of dents and he didn't suffer from anything too bad, just a couple of scrapes, but instead of getting up and continuing on his way, he troubled himself with idea that he would be unable to deliver the aid if he tripped too many times and too hard. He said, "What if I trip again and am not able to bring the first aid kit?" So he decided to stay where he was to keep both the kit and himself safe from tripping.

    Days passed and the commander heard news again that his soldiers were in dire need and pleaded for help from him for the numbers were dropping. He said, "Where is my sergeant? I sent him days ago! He should have been there by now! I will send another with these goggles to help seek him." So the soldier went and found the sergeant staring at the rock he tripped on. "What are you doing sergeant?" he said. "I tripped on this rock and am worried that I will not make it to my destination without tripping again. Why continue if I cannot come through for the commander and his army?" The soldier replied, "I was sent to find you and help you on your way. The commander gave me goggles to find you, but on the way I too tripped on a rock and fell. When I fell I broke my goggles! I almost lost hope! But I remembered that I was not broken, nor was I without sight. I still was capable of finding you without the goggles! For what sought you was not the goggles, but me. And if you look, your first aid kit is still with you and you are not broken. And look also, you have been given another soldier for your aid. If you trip, you will be picked up, if you are wounded, you will be mended, and if you need company, I am here with you."

    In The Spirit,

  2. molly! I'm sorry to hear the spain thing was a scam :( I know you have such a bright future. God will make what ever you do worth doing even if it were to be working for a fortune 500 company- there needs to be lights in the darkness. But I recognize thats not the greatest and God has not only good plans in store for your career but the BEST!! Remember that in ALL things God works for the good of those who love him and have been called according to his purpose. And you are fearfully and wonderfully made to fill a purpose that only you can fill on this earth and in the spirit as well. I have to remind myself of this a lot especially when i feel like everything under the sun is meaningless. I will be praying for the right door to open and for you to be saturated with his love so that there will be no anxiety in your heart but only praise and awe.
    Sister i miss you