Sunday, October 18, 2009

It's not judging if it's true...

Okay, tonight was the camel that broke the camel's back.

I am SO SICK and frustrated with people in this world who say they are Christians and go along their path of narcissism and destruction. This includes politicians and "musicians" that use the title of "Christian" in order to gain support from people who wouldn't know whether they are. Sure, they probably think they are Christians, but just SAYING that you're a Christian doesn't make you holy.

Good grief. Two of my least favorite people in this world use TV and internet to perpetuate their drama-filled lives. It seems as though you see them on MTV every week fighting, obsessing over their possessions and their meaningless lives. I went onto Twitter for the first time in a while the other day and saw Heidi Montag's profile on there. There were two types of tweets on her page. The ones where she was repeating all the praises she received from people about her blossoming music career (please note my disdain on the word music) and then her tweets about how much she loves God.

At first I didn't want to judge. Especially because it's been something I've been working hard on; not judging other people. But when I tried to find out if maybe she had experienced some life changes that led her to Christ, I saw that nothing in her life had changed and even found TONS of pictures of her dancing with strippers, videos of her fighting with her hubby (who I believe is an angel for the devil himself- okay maybe that's judging...) and general drama.

I don't tell people I'm Christian anymore. I think it has such a bad connotation now that people judge me immediately when I say I am. To me it's not about the religion, it's not about the reputation- it's about living a life worthy of Jesus dying for it. I finally understand the pain Jesus died to save me from and I want to make sure others understand that love.

Okay. I'm don't venting now. Thanks.

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