Thursday, October 8, 2009


When I was going through the training to become a Resident Assistant, we spent a fair amount of time discussing diversity. One of the topics they introduced was privilege. Meaning that being of a certain race, religion, socioeconomic status, or gender gives you automatic privilege. White, middle class men who identify as Christian have the most privilege in our society. (Yes, they probably have the hardest time getting scholarships to college but other than that- they don't have too many reasons to complain in life.)

We can use our privilege to be allies to people with less privilege. Because I'm a white Christian female, it's easier for me to speak out on behalf of other women who have been sexually assaulted. Particularly Christians are called to help others. God blesses us so that we can use that blessing to glorify God and help others. Someone pointed it out that often times we just receive God's blessing and then never pass it on.

I've waited a while to say this and I hope that anyone from this group of people takes this with an open heart and mind. I understand that when I was in this group, I didn't do anything to change this. However, I don't feel like the students in Navigators use their privilege correctly. They have time and are highly sociable and yet they only keep to themselves.

While occassionally a new person is accepted into their clan- they are still always together. Which is great to a degree, don't get me wrong- but how is closing themselves off to the rest of the University helping spread the word of God? How do you make non-believers believers by not hanging out with them? I understand that the missions trip they take to Seattle every spring break is doing great work, but it's one week of the year.

And I'm not saying this represents everyone who has ever attended Navs or that I'm any better at it than they are, but I think it should be something considered. S'alls I'm saying.

This comes up in my mind because I'm very excited that I've been granted the time and security to volunteer. Having spoken with the library, the hospital, and the victims assistance team in Parker- I realize how excited I am to use my privilege as a Christian to help others. People who don't know about Jesus or people who have lost their way.

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