Sunday, March 7, 2010

Little moments of their lives

Friday night, we had an event with the Ponderosa High School girl's basketball team. I was less than thrilled that it was Ponderosa, but I cracked a couple jokes while in the planning process and went along with it.

The event went mostly well and at times I was reminded that I am in fact a servant where I work. Not seen OR heard, under appreciated when I do a perfect job and scolded when one thing goes wrong. There's really nothing wrong with that until the point of contact at the event snaps her fingers at you or grabs you by the elbow to pull you away to focus on her problems.

But even being reminded that I'm a servant, there was a really special moment at their event. I was sitting by the AV equipment running their slideshows and as I sat there listening to the coach speak about the senior girls going off to college and cracking jokes about kids that go to Chaparral (where I went to school), there was a very warm moment where I realized what a special event they were sharing with us.

It's a pretty big gift that we at the Villa get to be a part of some of the greatest events in people's lives. Weddings, senior banquets, 80th birthday parties-- all windows into their lives and their celebrations and we get to be a part of it.

It was rather special...

...even if it was Ponderosa HS.

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