Tuesday, March 9, 2010

The Other Side

Right before Mr. Man left to go back to Alabama, I gave him a copy of Wild at Heart. Having read a few chapters of it earlier in college, I thought it might be a book he'd enjoy. Since it's the male counterpart to my favorite book, Captivating, I was hoping it might give him some insight into himself as Captivating did for me.

I purchased myself a copy as well and until now, I haven't really been very into it. I blame my indifference towards the book on my gender, but once I put aside my own feelings and determined to read it in an attempt to better understand this Mr. Man God has put in my life, it started getting a little bit easier.

Last night, I finally finished Chapter 5 and I laid in bed somewhat baffled...

Men are people, too??

Until now, men had just been this other necessary evil accompanying us ladies through life. Chapter five, titled The Battle for a Man's Heart, kept mentioning this question men have about being good enough, being strong enough, and where does strength come from and how a man finds his strength.

That's all fine and dandy, but I still haven't gotten past the whole concept that men have these questions and these rite of passage moments. Clearly, I've been stuck in lady-land and so wrapped up in what it means to be a woman that I didn't realize that there was an equal struggle for men to become men.

Men have become somewhat more real to me in the last day, as if the veil has been drawn and there's an actual human being looking back at me.


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  1. I'd venture a guess that men struggle even more - there's more on their shoulders...