Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Things pertaining to excitement

Starting March 30th, I'm going to start 41 days of crazy/awesome fun.

March and April will both end with a tasting event. These are great because there are 3 main ingredients: 1. Good food and desserts 2. The great people I work with and C. An opportunity to practice taking pictures.

April kicks off with the Great Cassie Rosch's birthday. I'm excited to send her a little something something because those of us born on the lucky 7th day of the month have to stick together!

That weekend will lend itself to TWO amazing things. 1. The actual wedding of Preggo Bride. (If you didn't read my blog post about them, you probably should. It was the most drama I've encountered at my job and was a hilariously ridiculous day.) and 2. The Professional Photographer's workshop at the Villa. Not only do I get to sit in all day and absorb their information and awesomeness, I will also be a model! I will be wearing a big white dress and am (not so) secretly excited about it! I'm even practicing smiling with my eyes and my deconstructed couture poses. Thanks Tyra!

Soon after that, GLEE will re-enter my life which means Britt-Marie will as well! I'm sad it'll be on Tuesdays now, but that will give me something to make sure I leave work promptly at 7PM.

The next weekend will be an 80th birthday party at the Villa, and well... Erika and I seem to love the old people who come to the Villa so it'll be an excellent opportunity to pick up more adopted grandparents.

After a few days to rest and get some good work done, add in two more birthdays and I'll be just HOURS away from seeing Mr. Man in my first European excursion!! I am SO excited to get to see him considering our entire relationship, we've spent a whopping 30 hours together. Oh... and that whole going to Europe, but realistically-- I'm more excited about seeing him!!

This whole stream of events will all be leading up to my first wedding season and I'm excited that I'll get some more practice with my camera before I'll be bombarded with nothing but photo ops.

With just over a week to go until the spree begins, I apologize in advance for the massive amounts of pictures I'll be loading onto facebook. (Of course this all depends on the new foot of snow melting so we can leave the house...)

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