Tuesday, March 2, 2010

One Blessed Little Lady

I get nervous about talking about some topics too much because I don't really want to bore people or make them think that I have nothing better to talk about. While I have great stories from work and from adventures, I realize that I talk about my relationship with God and how blessed I am, A LOT.

BUT this is my blog and I'll talk about whatever I want! Deal with it! :)

I had never had a long term relationship with any guy until Trevor. So, when it ended, I admittedly fell apart. I cried so much my poor mom at one point pretty much had to tell me to put a cork in it. (She did it in a much more loving way than that however...). Taking someone out of my life like that was something that I've never really had to experience before. I've had a family member or two die in my lifetime, but none that I was ever really close with and was really affected by.

When that relationship was over, it felt like the only person who had "loved" me had left my life, but God used a lot of things to show me just how blessed I am and how much he loves me. As soon as I understood more about how much God loved me, I started getting a realization of how much my parents love me, and how important I was to other people.

It's the honest truth that I've learned to find my value first by how much God loves me and then also my family and good friends. I think coming to terms with the love I'm constantly surrounded by has (hopefully?) made me a better Christian, daughter, friend, sister, etc. and I can definitely see that even when life isn't perfect, I am still one incredibly blessed little lady.

After T and I broke up, my dad mentioned what kind of guy he'd like to see me with and what he expects from out of "the one" and at first, I didn't quite get it. But overtime and learning more about how blessed I am, I understand the HUGE difference between the right guy and the guys I've been dating.

I'm think my parents would be happy to know that I think I'm at least on the right track. I think they're secretly very curious how my weekend went, so maybe this will help appease that :D

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  1. The secret is out ;)

    Still can't believe NO PICTURES. Gah! How have I raised you????