Sunday, March 14, 2010

A New Big Picture

Thursday night is girls night here in the Denver Metro. Panda, Erica and I saddle up and plop ourselves down in front of each other with a beer in hand. It's a great way to head into Friday (especially when you have Fridays off because you work Saturdays...) and it's the best time to catch up about boys, school/work, and life adventures.

Finally catching them up on Mr. Man, they asked what his goal was for when he got older. Not really sure what the answer was, I kept thinking about it as I went home. I'm sure he has plans for where he wants to end up in the Air Force, but what really had the gears turning was the same thought:

Do I even know where I want to end up?

My job at the Villa is a great place for me right now. I can live at home, save some money up for whatever adventures God throws me (i.e. trips to Germany/Seattle) and a job that opens up a lot of doors. Not to mention how HUGELY spoiled I am with my amazing office with the perfect view that 50 year old execs would be jealous of.

But is that where I see myself in 2 years? 5? 10? Sad as it may be, I don't see myself in Parker for that long. So what else could I do? Where is this place/niche that God sees me in?

After a few days of soul searching and asking God to show me where he'd like me to go, it dawned on me. I have access to 11 of the greatest photographers in Colorado. God has given me plenty of events to shoot, professionals brains to pick, a beautiful venue, and a great camera.

I've hesitated quite a bit in admitting this because I SO respect the photographers I know and what they do. They have such a creative style and they are so unique compared to any other ho-hum "enthusiast" who picks up a camera and calls them self and photographer. Hopefully I can actually do something with a camera that they'll respect.

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