Sunday, February 28, 2010

Your (not so) classic "Boy meets girl"

Here's a pretty typical first day in my little realm: Boy meets girl, boy asks girl out, boy picks girl up, boy takes girl to restaurant for nice food, boy takes girl to movie, boy takes girl home, boy and girl hug and say goodnight, girl runs back to room to gush about boy to other girls. Then after some time, girl and boy meet each others parents, girl and boy spend a lot of time talking and learning about each other and then it goes from there. Yadda yadda yadda...

But since when do I do things the right way? There's nothing in my history of life that suggests that I necessarily do things "by the book."

So, here's how it actually happens: boy meets girl, after 4 years, boy asks girl for paintings that will exchange hands over dinner which girl thinks is secretly a ploy for boy to get girl, girl awkwardly goes through dinner and pays for herself there for nullifying the "date", boy leaves for two months, boy and girl talk and learn more about each other, boy flies across the United States to meet girl, girl picks boy up from airport, girl meets boy's parents and plays Taboo for three hours, girl and boy have dinner with boy's parents, boy takes girl out on a first date to a movie.

(And then girl went home to gush about boy to other girls.)

I am dyslexic-- sometimes I get things a little backwards ;)

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