Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Changes, they are a comin'...

I realized today just how much a year can change absolutely everything in your life. I started thinking, trying to find ANY similarities between a year ago and today. While I still have a relationship with God and my family and friends, the dynamics of those relationships have changed drastically.

Literally, there isn't a single similarity between last year and today. I wasn't even BLONDE at this point last year! I was in school, moping over my recent-ish break-up, a work-aholic, with some miserable new friends and some standard old ones.

A mere 365 days later, I'm working in the wedding industry, balancing work and a social life, with a heart full of love for the most AMAZING people, two of which that don't even live in Colorado but we still find time to talk everyday. I get to spend a lot of quality time with my family, even if I rarely make it home in time for dinner with them. I'm back to being a blonde (and appreciating it far more than before) and I'm hopefully on track to be in Student Affairs.

I just thank God that he cares enough for us to bless us far beyond what we deserve. That in a short year, he can take us from the deepest pits of depression into a year of nothing but blessings.

I don't even have a PC anymore! I'm a MAC!!


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