Wednesday, February 17, 2010


So my Seattle trip. Where to start.

Well it actually didn't start off very well at all. I found out Friday that I didn't get into Grad school and then I was up all night excited to leave for a vacay, sad because I didn't get into school, and happy for other reasons. So waking up at 5AM after 3 hours of sleep, was not exactly ideal.

It apparently wasn't very smart either. Out of my delirious exhaustion, I made a mistake. Now, I'm not sure why we women will never learn this lesson and I'm sure ALL women will agree, that when a curling iron drops, it is pure instinct to catch it. Even though time after time, we catch it and burn ourselves and think "Well I've learned MY lesson! Won't do THAT again!" BUT WE STILL CATCH IT! (My awesome scar is in the
picture on the left.)

The flight was pretty standard and it was great to learn more about Cassie and my Uncle Mark. I had excellent chats with both of them throughout the trip. I was SUPER nervous at first
because after 3 hours of sleep, a couple hours on a plane and my arm in throbbing pain, I couldn't really fight or flight. I just kinda sat there. Overwhelmed.

After some sleep, life was good again and Cassie took me all around showing me some non-touristy areas and we found a lot of fun stuff to do. A very low-key awesome Valentine's Day! (Those words have never gone together in my life before, so that's pretty cool.) We crashed a wedding on V-day as well, posing to be the photographers for the event. Which went over a lot better than I thought when the actual photographers caught us.

I don't really know if Seattle's the place for me, but the great news is that I don't need to know anything! God's got this all under control!

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