Monday, February 1, 2010

They can't all be great, can they?

Today was so "blah." Other than a few bright spots and a few not-bright spots, it's all just averaged out to be quite nothing of a day.

Erika and I literally locked ourselves into the Villa today since Joe is gone. We had quite a few creepers make their way into the Villa last week and even though I have mace in my desk, it just seemed better to keep them out.

I submitted the last few pieces to my Seattle application. After talking over grad school (again) with my Dad before shooting clays yesterday, I'm even more convinced that I'll be moving to Seattle in August/September. It makes me sad to leave Villa Parker because I really think, given time, I could have really helped them get that place rocking and rolling. But I just need a little bit more depth.

There's less than 4 days until I stroll on into the Apple store for my new mac and only 11 days until I boogie on up to Seattle. I know 5 of those 11 days are going to be absolutely INSANE at work, but it'll help distract me and make time fly by before I go.

Erika and I got quite a bit of work done, but it bled over into my gym time, so I can already feel myself getting anxious to get in the gym and kick my butt. However, it'll have to wait. Tomorrow's my long day at work and something tells me it will in fact be long.

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