Sunday, February 7, 2010

An interesting night (to say the least)

So, imagine a night full of happiness, anger, laughter, sadness, confusion, frustration, and peace. Sounds a little bit tumultuous, right?

With three different conversations with two men and one boy, last night left me with a lot to think about. Two pieces to my night aren't really up for me to discuss because one shouldn't be broadcasted on my blog and the other I won't mention because he occasionally reads this, and I'd hate to make it that easy for him.

The third, however. The BOY I had to deal with was one from the past, I'll leave it to you to guess which one. After wrapping up my conversations with the men, I was head to pillow for a few minutes and was already wrapped up in my thoughts as it was. I quickly received a few text messages, and thinking they might be from Mr. Man, I excitedly grabbed my phone to read them. They were not from Mr. Man. They were from BOY. They were concerning my old blog and how it was making his friends thing that BOY and I had sex.

Let me make one thing clear for you, I completely believe in waiting until marriage. And if I were to lie about having sex with someone, it would NOT be this boy. It would probably be George Clooney or Michael Buble. You pickin' up what I'm throwin' down?

Shaking and crying and feeling all sorts of violated that my non-sex life continues to be a topic of conversation. I fired back some texts explaining that if his friends and family didn't take his word about our non-existent sexual relationship, than there was nothing taking down my blog was going to do about that. I mean seriously, this could be the third or fourth time this blog even mentions him and the blog before isn't accessible anymore. Instead of texting me late at night and harassing me, maybe there should be more owning up for not always being the most trustworthy person. Needless to say, I had even more to think about and proceeded to like awake until 5am.

I've spent the entire day NOT thinking about anything except for a stupid game my mom has gotten me addicted to. I just know there's all sorts of emotions all up in my head just waiting to be sorted out, but it was too much of a mess and I felt a little too vulnerable/tired today to deal with them.

On a separate note, my 5 hours of sleep last night was quite entertaining to my family tonight. There isn't really a difference between drunk-Molly and sleep-drived-Molly, so I'm glad I wasn't a bump on the log and at least made some folks laugh today. My family and friends were extremely helpful in giving perspective and making me feel supported and protected. It's situations like this that remind me just what I deserve and the type of boys to stay away from in the future.

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