Saturday, January 16, 2010

Lovely, lovely people

I've been blessed recently to be surrounded by great people. Family, friends, tours, etc... They'll been great! Today's tours are a perfect example of the blessings God has given me.

My first tour today was a couple that I met at the bridal show we did on the 10th. They were nice enough, but for the first half of the tour, her dad was a statue. He didn't really talk and his first comment was "Let's get this moving, I have a stock show to get to." So, I was a little hesitant to get too involved with him but I still wanted to appeal to him.

So as we sat down in my office to chat, I asked them about certain aspects of their wedding and asked about DJ. The bride said "My dad will be the DJ." They all chuckled and I started being my sarcastic self and saying "Yeah I could see that [insert DJ scratching motion here] 'wikka, wikka!'" We all had a hardy laugh and started making jokes and finally his daughter said "Dad can do the splits." And immediately I said if he could do the splits, I'd give them a discount. Then my "Single Ladies" requirement came up and we all laughed and laughed. Before they left they paid me some huge compliments which was nothing new, but I'm learning stuff about myself. (A post for another time.)


My second appointment was a couple and her parents coming in to sign a contract. The groom is a firefighter and I already knew I enjoyed them. She is more beautiful than my barbies, he's a buff firefighter and her parents are wonderful. We were having fun and chatting and her parents start to fill out the contract. While they were doing that, the firefighter asks me if we'd like stickers for junior firefighters. I told him I'd love one. I'm still wearing it.

And I was wearing it during my third appointment for the day. They laughed at it which was sadly the highlight of the tour. The couple is cute, her mom and sister were nice, but her Aunt seemed to try to dominate the entire tour. Which, fine. You have a lot of questions and I'm happy to answer them. BUT I like to maintain the flow of a tour and not let the clients control me. Still lovely people!

Add in talking with great friends here and there and I'm surrounded by amazing people. Which after a summer of crappy friends and healing for the last year and a half from a bad(ish) relationship and I just thank God for this period of time full of great people!

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