Saturday, January 23, 2010

Never Again.

Not too long ago, I sat here trying to find inspiration for something to write on this ol' blog of mine. I remember thinking "I wish I had some good/interesting stories from work to write about!"

Well, I'll probably wait a while before thinking that again! Today was CRAZY at the Villa.

It started off hectic to begin with. Partially my own fault, but what can ya do? A tour I thought was next week, was apparently this morning at 9. I found out they were actually in town from Texas this week. I found out at 9:50. So it was ten o'clock and I had TWO tours waiting for my attention. One of them was a little angry. Justifiably.

So after 30 minutes of scooting them through a tour and apologizing, it was on to the next folks. Which, luckily for me, it was their second tour and they walked around and then we chatted for a few minutes and they were happy.

Thinking this was the end to my hectic day, little did I realize it was just starting. My 11 o'clock tour cancelled so I was sitting at my desk relaxing when one of our brides that just booked with us called. She called to tell me she was pregnant... and that she was asking if she could get the deposit back on her wedding. I told her I'd ask my boss what we could do and call her back. The answer was exactly what I thought it would be so I called her back to say we couldn't, but they're welcome to move their day up or back if she'd like. I quickly moved to my email to respond to a bride that had come in Friday to mistook the price I quoted her for another day. I sent her a quick note to correct the mistake and then went to do my noon tour.

Apparently Erika (my boss) had answered another phone call and when my tour was over, she told me it was the preggo bride's fiancee, pressing a little bit harder to get the deposit back. At this point, he said "I'm not trying to make this your problem" to which Erika told me she thought "UH YES. You are." We made a few jokes and talked about it. Mainly about why we can't just refund it and the repercussions of having pre-marital unprotected sex before marriage.

I left to get lunch on my hour off and laughed off the preggo bride situation (let's be honest, that's not a fun conversation to have. "Hey... yeah. Sorry! I can't give you a refund just because you decided not to use protection. Whoops!")


I came back to the Villa to a MESS. The preggo's bride fiancee had kept calling while Erika and I were out and has now EMAILED me the most ridiculous email I've ever received. Full of nothing but "That money is probably necessary to Villa Parker, but imagine how much it could do for a struggling couple raising a baby." Which, yeah, I get that. BUT the money Villa Parker gets? Goes to feed Erika and Joe's kids and Chris' kid. It helps three people who literally have poured their ENTIRE LIFE into this business and get by on pennies. Yeah, Sorry. No.

In addition to this, I've got the bride with the wrong price calling my office, my cell, emailing me, crying on the phone and harassing me because she had her heart set on doing her whole wedding for $5K. (Sorry, that doesn't even cover the site fee on the day she wanted!!)

At this point, I really thought that if my next three tours didn't ROCK, I was just going to run out of my office crying. (They did rock and I loved ALL OF THEM, so the day redeemed itself.)

But seriously?! Angry Texans, Pregnant Italians, and crying brides. Three things I never expected from today!!

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