Monday, January 4, 2010

Of amazing views and low anxiety

I watch Mythbusters. A lot. And I remember thinking once how awesome it is that every now and then Adam stops and says "This is the point in the experiment that I stop and thinking 'WTF are we doing?!'"

I admired how they loved their job. And being severely unemployed at the time, I dreamt about the day that I'd have a job that would make me pause and appreciate the love I have for my life.

Well today's the day my friends!! As I sat in my office pausing to think about how awesome it'll be this spring/summer to sit at my desk with a gentle breeze flowing in from the opened french doors leading into my office with the lively gardens swaying just outside my reach as I planned event, I realized something. I have THE best job ever. As my parents put it, I'm so uniquely qualified for this job, it's as if someone (coughcoughGODcough) put the perfect situation together for me. He does good work!!

As I sit here super thankful and super swamped in booking season correspondence, I find all my feelings of restlessness and anxiety just melt away. Having a bag of employer-purchased Dove peanut butter chocolates to munch on doesn't hurt either ;)

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