Friday, January 15, 2010

Of better friends than before...

I find myself an in interesting situation. For now, we'll leave that for another post but at this moment, it's made me appreciate the honesty my friends have towards me.

A friend currently is doing something I don't exactly think is smart or appropriate. I thought this friend considered me the type of friend who would call her out when she's doing something horrible. But once I had talked to her, I soon found out, she didn't want that type of friendship. She wanted someone to just pretend like everything was happy go lucky, sweep the crap under the rug, and move on.

I thought about it and that's not the type of friendships I want. I want my friends to be honest with me and call me out when I'm being stupid. Because in the long run, people who aren't giving me tough love, aren't people I'd really want to rely on.

It was lovely chatting with Britt-Marie about my other situation that we won't go into just yet. I appreciate her views and I'm glad that she had someway to relate to my issue. I also look forward to hearing from Ms. Cassie Rosch as to what she has to say! Soon we can chat about it over a nice beverage in Seattle!!

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