Saturday, January 2, 2010

The ol' noggin...

Two weeks without knee pain? Including two days of standing for 15 hours each day, days in heels, days in crappy shoes...?? What's going on here, folks? What's the difference between now and before?

The phenomenon can only be explained by realizing the power of one incredible feature we humans have: our brain.

Now, I don't doubt that for some time, there was something seriously wrong with my knee. I know I have a powerful mind, but the nights I spent crying due to knee pain weren't just my imagination. But possibly, the last few months could all be a part of my overall feelings of inadequacy. Being unemployed, almost finished with school, and a myriad of other social problems, maybe it just seemed fitting at the time to think that absolutely everything was wrong.

Regardless of what my ridiculous brain cooked up, I'm thrilled to be rid of my knee pain! I'm excited to get back into the gym to help gain a little bit more focus during my days and to get back to living my life!

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