Friday, January 22, 2010

Valentine's Day Suckage

Up until recently, I've never had a reason to enjoy Valentine's Day. Actually, I've had quite a few reasons to hate it. Put one part putting my cat to sleep, three parts death-flu, one part "dumped" and one part traffic court, add in a slice of... well my wrist actually (wrist surgery two days after the glorious V-day) shake it and you've got yourself a martini straight up. A martini of disaster.

Add on top of that the fact that I ABHOR the color pink (which stems from deep-rooted jealousy of Linsay Duty for always being the pink power ranger forcing me to always be the Asian power ranger. Even though it made more sense for me to be the pink ranger because Linsay was in fact Asian. Yes, I have issues.)

However, I said"Up until recently." You didn't catch that did you? Silly you. Pay attention.

The last two years haven't been that horrible. Imagine a night of girls drinking fruity adult beverages, imitating men, and some kissing we all would like to forget, and it wasn't that horrible. Well, at least for me. I was the only one with out a hangover the next day.

But THIS YEAR. This year, my friends, will be the year I'm actually looking forward to Valentine's Day. A 4-day weekend, a trip to Seattle, massages, chick flicks with contraband wine and cupcakes with an excellent friend- all a recipe for a delicious cocktail.

A delicious cocktail I can't wait to drink!
(Cheesy. I know.)

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